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Copyright Registration presents upon its proprietor sole rights to duplicate or repeat the work or concede consent to another to do as such. The applies to scholarly (books, contents, even programming) and varying media (music, photos, films) works. Business elements regularly copyright guideline manuals, item writing and client guides. Copyright is normally claimed by the maker of the work, yet may likewise be possessed by the business of its maker or the individual who has charged the work (unless there is a consent unexpectedly in either case). Copyrights are likewise transferrable.


What are the Advantages of Copyright Registration ?

  • Establishes a public record of the copyright holder's ownership.
  • Enables copyright holders to sue infringers in federal court.
  • If made before or within 5 years of publication, establishes sufficient evidence in court concerning the validity of the copyright and the facts stated in the copyright certificate.


What are the Documents needed for Copyright Registration ?

  • Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant
  • Nature of Work
  • Class & Description of the Work
  • Title of the Work
  • Language of the Work
  • If Published, the Date of Publication


What is the process for Copyright Registration?

  • Application Preparation

    Copyright Expert will prepare the copyright application. We will prepare your application within 2 - 3 working days.

  • Copyright Filing

    Once, the copyright application is prepared and signed by you, we can file it with the Copyright Registrar electronically or manually

  • Copyright Registration

    Copyright application is filed with the Registrar, the Government processing will start. Copyright registration takes anywhere between 2 - 3 months


You can get a copyright for any interesting and imaginative substance. This could extend from an outline, a portray, a sketch, a tune recording, a music video, a film, a ballad, a book or even a short story.

Copyright does not customarily ensure titles independent from anyone else or names, short word mixes, trademarks, short expressions, strategies, plots or authentic data. Copyright does not ensure thoughts or ideas. To get the assurance of copyright a work must be unique.

A duplicate of the work should be furnished alongside the address and character verification of the proprietor is required. For an organization, the name of the organization alongside its Certificate of Incorporation and address verification is required.

A trademark is a stamp given to secure a brand name, logo or motto. Then again, copyright is a security given to exceptional substance like a book, music, recordings, tunes and masterful substance.

Truly, completely. You should quickly send a legitimate notice and in the wake of sending the notice, if the issue does not get settled, you can even record a body of evidence against the opposite side in an official courtroom.

Shockingly, there is no such component. Be that as it may, you ought to complete an intensive inquiry on the web, utilizing Google or your favored internet searcher to check if there is comparable substance accessible as of now.

Commonly, they will send you a lawful notice guaranteeing that you have replicated their copyright. You can send an answer to this lawful notice and we can enable you to discover a legal advisor who will battle your case for you.

Copyright security is legitimate for a length of 60 years. On the off chance that it is abstract, sensational, melodic and masterful works the 60-year time span is tallied from the year following the demise of the creator. On account of cinematograph films, sound chronicles, photos, after death productions, unknown and pseudonymous distributions, works of government and works of universal associations, the 60-year time span is tallied from the date of production.


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10,055 /- Plus Tax

Timeline - 7 Working days

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