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It is a far reaching Social Security Scheme intended to achieve the undertaking of socially ensuring the “representatives” in the composed part against the occasions of affliction, maternity, disablement and passing because of work damage and to give medicinal care to the safeguarded representatives and their families.

ESI Return Filling and Due Dates

Representative’s State Insurance (ESI) is a self-financing government disability and medical coverage conspire for Indian laborers. ESI Registration is required for managers having at least 10 worker. For all representatives gaining Rs.15, 000 or less every month as wages, the business must contribute 4.75% and worker must contribute 1.75% towards ESI. The ESI support is overseen by the ESI Corporation (ESI) as indicated by tenets and controls stipulated in that the ESI Act 1948, which directs the arrangement of medicinal and money advantages to the representatives and their family through its vast system of branch workplaces, dispensaries and clinics all through India. ESI is an independent enterprise under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. India Filings can enable you to acquire ESI enrolment for your business.

All businesses having at least 10 workers are required to be enrolled with Employee State Insurance (ESI) Corporation. Those substances having ESI Registration should then record ESI returns. ESI returns are expected half-yearly. India Filings can help record ESI returns for your business. Our ESI specialists can likewise help you PC ESI instalments and keep up ESI direction consistence for your business. Utilize ReminDue to find out about your due dates for ESI return and ESI instalment due date.


What are the Documents required for ESI Return ?

  • Attendance register
  • Register for Form 6
  • Register of wages
  • Inspection book
  • Monthly challan
  • Register of any accidents on the premises



  • Verification of Documents
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • File Validation
  • Filing and Submitting relevant Acknowledgement


What is the process for ESI Return?

  • Expert from Our filings Team will call you and make you mindful about the points of interest and archives required.
  • Based on the suitable elements and archives your ESI return is prepared and sent for your endorsement.
  • On getting your endorsement master from Our filings Team will record the ESI come back with the ESI division.
  • After recording of ESI restore every one of the reports and suitable elements relating to your arrival will be sent to you for your reference and record


It is a comprehensive Social Security Scheme designed to accomplish the task of socially protecting the ’employees’ in the organized sector against the events of sickness, maternity, disablement and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to the insured employees and their families.

The scheme provides full medical care to the employee registered under the scheme during the period of his incapacity for restoration of his health and working capacity. It provides financial assistance to compensate the loss of his/ her wages during the period of his abstention from work due to sickness, maternity and employment injury. The scheme provides medical care to his/her family members also.

The ESI Scheme is administered by a corporate body called the ‘Employees’ State Insurance Corporation’ (ESIC), which has members representing Employers, Employees, the Central Government, State Government, Medical Profession and the Parliament. The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and is also an ex-officio member of the Corporation.

An employer can apply for FORM 01 within 15 days after the act becomes applicable to an establishment or a unit.

This is the 17-digit unique identification number that is allotted to every registered establishment. This number gets generated through the ESIC portal on the submission of required information by the employer or it is generated on receipt of a survey report from the Social Security Officer.

Temporary Disablement Benefit is paid as long as disablement lasts. There is a minimum period of 3 days (excluding the day injured insured person loses wages for the date of accident. The permanent disablement benefit of accident), but if in capacity exceeds this period, benefit is paid from the very first day provided the is paid for the life-time of the beneficiary

Dependents Benefit is a monthly pension payable to the eligible dependents of an insured person who dies as a result of an Employment Injury or occupational disease.

The daily benefit rate for permanent total disablement and temporarydisablementis40% more than the Standard Sickness Benefit rate and is roughly equivalent to about ‘10%of the wage rate. For permanent partial disablement, the rate of benefit is proportionate to the percentage of loss of earning capacity. The benefit is paid for Sundays also.

The benefit is available upto 7 days for vasectomy and upto 14days for tubectomy operations. This period can however be extended in cases of post operative complications or sickness arising out of these sterlisation operations. Its duration is not counted towards the total number of 91 days for which the sickness benefit is available during any two consecutive benefit periods.

Sickness benefit is payable’ for a maximum period of 91 days in any two consecutive benefit periods. Benefit is not paid for an initial waiting period of 2 days unless the insured person is certified sick within 15days of the last spell in which Sickness Benefit was paid.


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