TRADE Licence

it is important for any business Establishments to take fundamental Licences from the Licence Department before starting manufacturing, exchange or storage of any activity/commodity.


4999 /- Plus Tax

Timeline - 15 Working days


Trade Licence is a Licence or permission issued by the municipal corporation granting permission to carry on a particular trade on a particular address. Now the need of trade Licence. The most important one is that it prevents you from being penalized. Carrying out business without procuring a trade Licence is an offence in India. Further it is a proof that no illegal activity is carried out in your establishment The Shop and establishment Act regulates the conduct of business like working hours, benefits to employees and all.

Procedure to obtain trade Licence

Trade Licences are issued by local municipalities and the process also differs from one municipality to the other. However, general procedure followed by any municipality is described as below


What are the Documents required for Trade Licence ?

  • Address proof and PAN Copy of Directors / Parnters of the Business
  • Rental Agreement / EB Card for Proof of Business place
  • Constitution proof of the business in case of Firm / Company
  • Bank Statement / Cancelled Cheque of the business



  • Verification of Documents
  • Filing the Application for Trade Licence Registration
  • Dealing with Respective Authorities
  • Following until Certificate is allotted


What is the process for Trade Licence?

  • Filling Form

    Fill the appropriate form as prescribed by the municipality to obtain trade Licence.

  • Application Submission

    Submit the duly filled form along with required documents to the municipal authority.

  • Trade Licence

    Concerned officer shall grant trade Licence to theapplicant after due verification of the documents and the form submitted.


It typically takes 8 days. In case, documents are incomplete and erroneous, it may take more time.

Fee charged by the municipalities for trade Licence would vary from one municipality to the other and will depend on the nature of the business carried on by the applicant, plinth area etc.,

Fill the Renewal Form. Pay the renewal charges with half fine.

There will be different Licence issued under FSSAI as requirement of each product is different.

Applicant can get their trade Licence renewed by making applicant to the concerned authority while paying the appropriate fee.

In the case, that the Licence holder is violating the Licence conditions and disturbance to neighbors or environment.


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4999 /- Plus Tax

Timeline - 15 Working days

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